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Now That's a Knife!


Whether you're just getting started or you've been BBQ'ing for awhile, there comes a time when you need to evaluate the knives you're using.  After all, they're a pretty important tool for the BBQ chef.  I spent the first few years just using whatever fell to hand in the kitchen.  But a few years ago, my wife presented me with a nice set of knives for Christmas.  The difference has been night and day.

So here are a few things to consider if you're in the market for knives.

  • Consider the type of blade and the maintenance.  Some blades are harder to sharpen and some require professional sharpening, like serrated blades.
  • Like buying shoes, you need to try it on.  Pick it up and feel how it fits your hand.
  • Buy individual knives rather than a set and buy the best knife you can afford.  Buying a set is certainly acceptable, but you may find that there are knives in the set that you don't use much.

And here are the knives that I'd recommend you start with.

The Chef's Knife - This is a good all purpose knife that can be used for dicing, mincing, and slicing.  Just be sure to buy one that's comfortable in your hand and not too long.


A utility knife.  This knife is longer than a pairing knife and used for miscellaneous cutting.  Typicaly these knives have blades in the 4-6" range.

The pairing knife.  A short knife typically used for peeling or coring vegetables and smaller food items.  These knives typically are 3-5" long with a straight, sharp edge.

The only other knife that I'd add to get started is a serrated knife for slicing.  Unfortunatley mine is MIA, but that's a whole other blog post.

Sharpening Steel - Sharp knives are the most useful, so make sure you have a sharpening steel or some other tool to keep a good edge on whatever knife you use.

Remember, even when the world is at peace, a gentleman still keeps a blade by his side.



Just in Time for Christmas, My Favorite BBQ Retailers

I have amassed quite a collection of BBQ related items.  Everything from sauces & rubs, to flavored smoking woods and assorted gadgets.  In my quest for all things BBQ related, I've come across a few retailers that I recommend for their knowledge, selection and customer service. 

If someone on your shopping list enjoys the BBQ niche of the culinary arts, give one of these fine internet retailers a look.

  • BBQ Pro Shop- Check out the impressive collection of sauces & rubs from some of the top BBQ teams in the country as well as a fine selection of grills and accessories.  Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $100.
  • Fred's Music & BBQ Supply- Fred is an egghead so there are lots of Big Green Egg cookers & accessories available.  But he's not limited to the Big Green Egg.  Fred's has a selection of charcoal & pellet grills and is the home of Tasty Licks BBQ rubs.  Check out Fred's for an extensive catalog of BBQ items.
  • Dizzy Pig- One of my favorite sources for BBQ rubs & seasonings.  Dizzy Pig has a fine selection of rubs for just about anything that you plan to put on your grill.  Can't choose?  Try one of their samplers, you won't be disappointed.
  • Red Envelope- For personalized BBQ accessories, you can't beat this site.  They do an incredible job with gift wrapping and delivery.  Want to impress someone?  Give a personalized item in an amazing gift box from Red Envelop.

That's my short list of folks that I've personally dealt with over the past year.  I'm sure they woudl love to help you find just the right thing for the BBQ connoisseur in your life.