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Competition Practice: Brisket

I'm preparing to compete this year for the first time.  A few weeks ago, I began practicing with chicken and I feel pretty good about the results.

Today, I decided to work on brisket.  So I headed out this morning and picked up 2 brisket flats.  I know that most teams are cooking packers, but balancing practice with feeding my family, I decided to go with flats.

I trimmed them thoroughly and applied a notable BBQ rub and put them in the cooker at ~10:30am.  After 3 hours in the smoke they had reached 165 degrees.  So I wrapped them in foil and let them go until they reached ~200 degrees & I felt like they were done based on the resistance when I probed them with my Thermapen.

I let them rest for about a half hour and began slicing.  These were probably the best briskets that I've done in terms of their moisture & consistency.  I think I'll continue to work on the rub and flavor profile, but I was really pleased with the end results.

Here are the obligatory photos: