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Recipe: Grilled Pork Tenderloin Appetizer


Awhile back, we attended a social gathering where they served drinks and appetizers.  One of the appetizers was toasted baquette pieces topped with a small piece of beef and horseradish.  I filed that away as something that I wanted to try to put a BBQ spin on.


So last Saturday night, I had a chance to do just that.  I grilled a couple of pork tenderloin on Saturday morning.  I then wrapped them and placed them into the refrigerator to chill.  It's much easier to slice them thin when they are chilled than it is when they are warm.


I then placed a piece of tenderloin on toasted baguettes, and topped each with a slice of a Harvati Dill cheese that my bride is fond of.  They make a great finger food and were a big hit at the gathering that we took them to.

Feel free to experiment with this.  I think these would be good with a dollop of a spicy or flavored mustard or something simialr as well.



(Not) Talking Turkey

This time of year, BBQ blogs & forums are inundated with posts about smoking the Thanksgiving Turkey.  This may be sacrilegious, but I just don't care for it.  In fact, there's not much about the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal that I do care for.  I like all of the veggies, but turkey (done any way), pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce....they're just not high on my list of favorite foods.

If you're like me, you'd prefer a ham or pork loin over the traditional turkey.  Unfortunately, I'm in the minority so I'll suffer through the traditional meal.  But the good news is that I'll have a long weekend to cook and feed my craving for BBQ....something I truly love.