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Review: Michelbob's BBQ, Naples, FL

My folks are snow birds and spend most of the winter in South Florida.  They've often spoken about a BBQ place that they like called Michelbob's.  They've even brought me a jar of their rub, which I enjoyed.  I reviewed their rub here.  Well finally I had the chance to visit their place in Naples and eat at Michelbob's while we were there. 

Since my folks have eaten there, they've acquired a Big Green Egg and I've shown them a little bit about how to prepare ribs.  I think they were surprised that the ribs weren't quite as good as they'd remembered.  I have to agree with their revised opinion of the place and say that the ribs weren't all that great.

The place is typical of mot BBQ joints.  There's lots of vintage Coca-Cola hardware decorating the walls, the floors and walls are rustic, and the menu is pretty standard BBQ fare.  There are several mentions in the lobby and on the menu to having "Championship Ribs" and of the restaurant being voted "Best in South Florida".  I didn't see any other BBQ joints in Naples or Marco Island, so the competition may not be too steep.

I ordered a combo plate of ribs and BBQ beef.  I found the ribs to be tender, but the only flavor came from the sauce.  Frankly, I didn't much care for the sauce they served on the ribs or either the sweet or tangy sauces that were on the table.  The beef was a very thinly sliced "beef roast" according to the waitress.  I was disappointed in the amount of fat that was left on the roast.  Either trim the beef before the you cook it or after, but don't serve me a bunch of fat.

My wife tried the pork sandwich.  Frankly, that was the most flavorful meat that any of us ordered.  However, it was thinly sliced (rather than pulled) pork shoulder.  It suffered from the same issues as the beef roast and was a little fattier than I'd have liked.

Overall, I did enjoy the BBQ rub that I'd tried before.  However, I wouldn't categorize Michelbob's as "championship" BBQ.  In a pinch I'd order a pork sandwich but I'd pass on the ribs if I were to eat there again.

Here's how Michelbob's stacks up:

  • Atmostphere - B+
  • BBQ - C-
  • Sides - C
  • Sauce - D
  • Value - C
  • Overall - C





Review: Michelbob's BBQ Rub

Over the past few years, my parents have officially become snowbirds. That means they spend 6 months per year in sunny Florida. Those would be the same six months that I'm battling cold temperatures and wind while trying to perfect my BBQ technique. 

Recently, they began to sing the praises of a BBQ establishment in Naples, FL, called MichelBob's. Now I've never been to the place and I can't substantiate their claims about having the best ribs in America. However, my folks did send home a bottle of their rub/seasoning so I thought I'd give it whirl.

I tried the rub on a brisket that I cooked on the Big Green Egg on Sunday. I found it to be a little saltier and have a little more garlic than my standard brisket rub. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As the brisket finished up, it formed a nice bark and the was very tasty. In fact, I think enjoyed it even more the next day.

I hope to get to Florida to try their BBQ Ribs first hand, but until then I will definitely continue to enjoy their rub. I wouldn't mind giving their sauce the once over, but alas no one has come forward with a bottle of that!   8>)