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Burnt Ends

If you're a fan of smoked brisket, you've likely had burnt ends.  I've had them, but frankly I usually don't bother and simply slice up the point of the brisket along with the flat.

For the uninitiated, the brisket is made of 2 muscles.  The flat is the leaner of the two, while the point has more fat.  The grain of the two muscles run counter to one another and are joined by a seam of fat.  Buying the whole brisket, or "packer cut", can be intimidating to some as there is a significant layer of hard, white fat covering a good portion of the meat.

Typically, I will buy and cook the flat.  The cost per pound is definitley more, but my family prefers the leaner cut and it takes a good amount of work to trim a packer cut before cooking.  Nonetheless, I purchased a small packer cut brisket this past weekend and put it on the Big Green Egg on Sunday morning.

As the brisket was finishing up, I called an audible and decided to seperate the point and cut it into cubes.  I placed these in a pan and hit them some of my rib sauce.  I know, I know, rib sauce on brisket?  Trust me, these were the best burnt ends I've done.  And, I'll definitely do them again.

Heck, maybe I'll even start buying the packer cut from now on.




Review: Q4U Frisco, CO

I'm enjoying some late spring skiing in Colorado with my family.  Today, my wife threw me a bone and suggested we try a BBQ joint in Frisco, CO. I guess that's the least she can doing since I'll spend the next 3 days packing everyone's skis and gear back and forth from the mountain.

In any event, we wondered into a place called Q4U. I could see smoke rising from behind a picket fence so I had high hopes. Like a lot of BBQ joints, there was a chalkboard for a menu and orders are taken at the counter. My wife ordered a pork sandwich and I opted for the burnt ends sandwich (I won't mention the kids meals here since they didn't try the BBQ).

I was a little disappointed to receive a sandwich covered in sauce, but the sauce was pretty good and it wasn't overpowering. The sandwich was served on a very crusty roll, not what I'd expected.  My wife thought the pork was a little tough. I thought the burnt ends were pretty good and the baked beans were tasty.


I began to wonder what the regional preferences are for BBQ in Colorado.  Am I unfairly comparing Q4U to my own preferences for BBQ?  I don't know.  I did enjoy the BBQ and at the most basic level, the burnt ends were smoky, had a nice bark, and were very tasty.  Buns & sauce aside, I guess that's what really matters.

Here’s my final report card:

  • BBQ - A-
  • Side Dishes - B
  • Atmosphere - B
  • Value - B
  • Overall – B