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Review: Plush Pig BBQ Saloon

plush-pigDue to changes in traffic patterns I recently altered my route on my commute to work, only to discover a BBQ restaurant that I’d previously overlooked.  The crazy thing is that this place is only a few blocks from my office.  So, today a co-worker and I ventured out in single digit temperatures to have lunch at the Plush Pig in St. Louis, MO.

Now in an urban environment, I didn’t really expect to find great BBQ.  This is partly because I didn’t smell the smoke as I approached the front door.  However, when I opened the door my spirits lifted because there was the unmistakable aroma of wood smoke in the air.

The Plush Pig is similar to a lot of BBQ joints these days.  Wood floors, corrugated tin, and knick knacks on the wall seem to be the de facto décor.  A large board prominently displays their wares.  It’s not as extensive as some places, but they certainly had plenty to offer.  Pulled Pork and Texas Brisket were available as lunch specials so I ordered up the brisket plate. 

When I eat BBQ at a restaurant, ordering is always a critical point in my assessment of the place.  There’s only one correct answer to the question I always ask.  But I tentatively inquired about whether they had Sweet Iced Tea and again my spirits were lifted when I received a positive response.

As I said, I ordered the Texas Brisket lunch plate.  This was served with corn on the cob, choice of one side (I chose BBQ beans of course) and a piece of grilled sweet bread.  I’d prefer that they not apply sauce to the meat when serving it, but it was minimal and had a good flavor.  Additional sauce was on the table for those that prefer a healthier application.

I have to say that everything on my plate was very tasty.  The brisket was sliced thin and had a nice smoke ring.  The portions were generous and the prices were reasonable.  You can bet I’ll be dining here again and if you find yourself in St. Louis or Columbia Missouri, I’d highly recommend the Plush Pig if you’re in the mood for BBQ.

Here’s my report card:

  • BBQ - A
  • Side Dishes - A
  • Atmosphere - B
  • Value - A
  • Overall – A-


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