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Recipe - Prosciutto Involtini

There's a local pizza joint/brew pub that makes a killer appetizer called Prosciutto Involtini.  In fact, when my bride and I eat there, we often have a salad and this appetizer and call it a meal.  This dish is basically pizza dough topped with, mozarella cheese, and prosciutto.

A few weeks ago, she came up with the notion to try to make these at home.  Her first attempt was a homerun, so I decided to make a batch for the Superbowl.  We cheat a little a use a premade mozarella & prosciutto roll that we slice and lay over a ring of pizza dough.

Here'a a photo journal of the process.

Pizza dough laid out sort of like a pretzel

The Prosciutto and Mozarella Roll

A slice on each loop of pizza dough

The final result I didn't get a shot of these on the grill.  But I setup my Big Green Egg for pizza cooking/baking and grilled these at 425 degrees until the pizza dough began to get brown.

These were a big hit at the Superbowl party and are great with marinara suace for dipping.  I'll definitely do these again (and again).



Recipe - Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

It's playoff time in the NFL and that means I have a lot of chances to get together with friends for football on the weekends. I don't do this all that much during the regular season, but after the holidays it seems like folks aren't as busy and we enjoy getting together.

But I digress. I get tired of the same old snacks that I've done for gatherings like this. So, I was looking for something different when I came upon a reference to bacon-wrapped chicken bites. Sounded good to me, so I gave it a shot on Sunday.

I cubed 2 large chicken breasts and wrapped each cube in a half a strip of bacon. I then rolled them in brown sugar and hit them with a little bit of spicey rub. That's all there was to it.

I fired up the Big Green Egg and set it up for indirect cooking. However, I ran the temp up to about 350 degrees. The chicken cooked for 45 minutes to an hour. The only problem I had was judging the doneness of the chicken, as I couldn't really see the chicken through the bacon.


There are a couple of things I'll do differently next time.  First, I won't panic and switch to direct cooking half-way through.  That was a mistake (and why there are no "after" photos).  Second, I think a little more brown sugar and a little more heat would be good.  I will try to punch up the flavor next time for sure.

Conference championships are coming up this weekend so you've got time to perfect your game time grub before the Superbowl.   Leave a comment and let me know what you're going to cook for the big game.



Recipe: Grilled Pork Tenderloin Appetizer


Awhile back, we attended a social gathering where they served drinks and appetizers.  One of the appetizers was toasted baquette pieces topped with a small piece of beef and horseradish.  I filed that away as something that I wanted to try to put a BBQ spin on.


So last Saturday night, I had a chance to do just that.  I grilled a couple of pork tenderloin on Saturday morning.  I then wrapped them and placed them into the refrigerator to chill.  It's much easier to slice them thin when they are chilled than it is when they are warm.


I then placed a piece of tenderloin on toasted baguettes, and topped each with a slice of a Harvati Dill cheese that my bride is fond of.  They make a great finger food and were a big hit at the gathering that we took them to.

Feel free to experiment with this.  I think these would be good with a dollop of a spicy or flavored mustard or something simialr as well.



Smokin' a Fatty

I talk about this quite a bit and recently a co-worker who reads the blog inquired, "What's a fatty?".  That's when I realized that I'd never actually defined what that means anywhere on G&B.

Here you can see a fatty on the BGEQuite simply, a fatty is a tube of sausage that you might slice into patties for the skillet or crumble and fry for other recipes.  However, for the grill you simply pull the wrapper off and put the whole log on the cooker.  Breakfast sausage works great or you can use Italian sausage, chorizo, etc.  You can even stuff the sausage roll with cheese and other fillings if you're inclined.

I like to use Bob Evans breakfast sausge, apply some BBQ rub, smoke or grill it until it's done, and then slice it as a chef's treat while I'm cooking or slice it and put it on mini-bagles or biscuits for breakfast the next week.

That's it.  There's really not much to it.  Give it a shot the next time you've got your cooker running.



ABT's or Jalapeno Poppers

When I started reading BBQ forums a few years ago, I stumbled upon an appetizer that seems to be very popular with the BBQ crowd.  They're called Atomic Buffalo Turds or ABT's.  It's basically a BBQer's version of stuffed jalapeno poppers prepared on the smoker.  For the longest time, I didn't even attempt the recipe because my family doesn't enjoy foods that are too spicy or hot.  That is, until this summer.  I started with sweet peppers and eventually tried jalapenos and all I can say is that I'm sorry I waited so long start cooking these.
Here's the recipe.

  • clean 18 jalapenos by cutting off the stem and slicing them lengthwise

  • remove the seeds and ribs from inside the peppers (the more of these you leave in the pepper, the hotter the ABT will be)

  • cut a package of regular bacon in half

  • 18 peppers and a package of bacon cut in half roughly equals the same number of pepper halves and bacon pieces.

  • fill each jalapeno boat with cream cheese and wrap with a half slice of bacon (note: some folks like to put a Little Smokey sausage in each popper or some pulled pork but we like 'em plain)

  • pin the ends of the bacon together by inserting a toothpick through them and into the pepper

  • I like to dust them with a BBQ rub before putting them on the cooker

  • you can cook these direct or indirect but you want to keep the temps below 300 degrees

  • they're done when the bacon is crisp.

Note:  I recommend using rubber gloves when handling the jalapenos.  If you don't have rubber gloves, just remember to keep your hands away from your face (or any other sensitive area if you know what I mean)

Try them, you won't regret it.  Heck, I'm gonna cook up a whole batch for Thanksgiving! :)