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The DIY Pork Puller

I love pulled pork, but frankly I hate the "pulling" part.  For years, I've used a couple of serving forks to pull the pork shoulder apart.  Last year, I began using Bear Claws and they work pretty well, making quicker work of it.  But when I cook for larger groups, as happens more often these days, I'd sure like a quicker way to pull the pork.  

The Original Pork Puller

I'd seen some info on the interwebs about the Pork Puller.  Seems a fellow BBQ enthusiast has come up with a solution that's pretty intriguing.  Frankly, it's a pretty simple notion.  It's a stainless steel disk with a few tines, mounted to a long shaft that you insert into your cordless drill.  I only have one issue with the invention, the cost.  At $70, it seems just a little spendy to me.

Our DIY Pork Puller

So, my good friend and fellow pitmaster stumbled on a DIY solution.  He was cleaning his gasser when he began to look closely at the rotisseire rod.  By sliding one of the "claws" to the end of the spit and inserting the other end of the shaft into his cordless drill, we have essentially the same solution. 

The setup or pulling pork butt in large quantity

Last night, we had the chance to try it out on a half dozen pork butts for a graduation party.  The results were awesome!  We pulled the blade bone and placed the butts into a food safe bucket.  We ended up with perfectly shredded pork butt with just a couple of blasts from the cordless drill with our homemade pork puller inserted. 

With Pig-a-Palooza only a few days away, you can bet we'll be putting this to good use when we pull 2 dozen butts.   


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