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Review: Michelbob's BBQ Rub

Over the past few years, my parents have officially become snowbirds. That means they spend 6 months per year in sunny Florida. Those would be the same six months that I'm battling cold temperatures and wind while trying to perfect my BBQ technique. 

Recently, they began to sing the praises of a BBQ establishment in Naples, FL, called MichelBob's. Now I've never been to the place and I can't substantiate their claims about having the best ribs in America. However, my folks did send home a bottle of their rub/seasoning so I thought I'd give it whirl.

I tried the rub on a brisket that I cooked on the Big Green Egg on Sunday. I found it to be a little saltier and have a little more garlic than my standard brisket rub. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As the brisket finished up, it formed a nice bark and the was very tasty. In fact, I think enjoyed it even more the next day.

I hope to get to Florida to try their BBQ Ribs first hand, but until then I will definitely continue to enjoy their rub. I wouldn't mind giving their sauce the once over, but alas no one has come forward with a bottle of that!   8>)


Reader Comments (1)

In my limited experience, I have found that my beef rubs don't work for pork and my pork rubs don't work well on beef.

I found this out when cooking a cajun themed menu for a friend's Katrina art exhibit. My test menu had cajun roast pork and cajun roast beef as the two main dishes. I figured I could just use the same cajun rub on both. Wrong! The pork tasted funny with the beef rub.

March 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChris
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