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Hoppy Spring!

Spring has sprung, my hops have re-surfaced this week!  This will be their second year so the harvest should be much better.  So far, two of my three rhizomes have surfaced and are looking to climb.   I planted the hops at the base of my deck and string twine up to the deck railing giving them about 14 feet of room for climbing.  This makes it easy to harvest by cutting the vines at the base and pulling them up from the deck.

I have three different varieties planted (Hallertau, Willamette, and Chinook).  What I did not realize until recently is that the plants are male or female so they must have cross pollinated like crazy.   I planted a second Willamette rhizome today but will give up on tracking the varieties due to the cross pollination.  I guess that means I will have my own unique hops variety from now on!

Below are some pictures from last summer's harvest.  I netted about 1/2 pound in cones last season.  My friend Mike enjoyed draping himself in the vines.  The smell of fresh hop cones are amazing!