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Why? Because I Can!

Admittedly, this may be a sign that I'm taking the homebrew thing a bit too far.  On a recent trip to Sam's oversize jugs of juice caught my eye at a ridiculous price and I though "Hell, I could ferment that"!  Once I got the two-pack of gallon sized jugs of 100% cranberry/pomegranate juice home I decided there wasn't even any point in sanitizing a primary fermenter.  I just drilled a hole in the lid for an airlock, removed two cups for headroom (using it to make a stuffed pork loin), sanitized the lid and airlock, shook to aerate, then dropped in a packet of dry wine yeast.   Its going nuts fermenting as I type.

The original gravity is only about 1.050 (good for beer), so I may add some sugar in a day or two to boost the alcohol to typical wine levels.  If it turns out too dry, I'll add additional juice for sweetness at the end.  Not sure what too expect, but its a fun experiment.

Who else has tried fermenting something just because they can?