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Review: McGuire's Irish Pub (Pensacola, FL)

While on our Florida vacation last week I became aware of McGuire's Irish Pub via the Beer Hero app on my iPhone (see review in a previous post).  The weather was a little rough for hanging out on the beach on our last day, so the boys and I headed to Pensacola to the Naval Air museum and stopped in the brewpub for lunch.

Wow!  This place was hoppin, had great food and really nice beer.  I look forward to a return visit for dinner for a juicy steak and several pints of  brew.  They had what appeared to be about a 30-50 barrel setup with a gorgeous 250-ish gallon brew kettle, matching lauter tun and a half dozen wood trimmed fermenters.  I tried their irish stout and it was fantastic.  Nice roasty character with just the right amount of bitterness to balance the malt.  The head could have been a bit creamier but it still laced the glass all the way to the bottom.

The service was excellent especially considering the volume of folks they were serving.  The food was excellent and a great value.  I highly recommend the Irish Boxties (breaded and deep fried balls of twice baked potatoes) and 18¢ cup of Senate Bean Soup ($18 if ordered alone).  The atmosphere may have been the best part.  It had a very comfortable old pub feel with lots of unique signage from Irish business.  The most prominent decor were thousands of dollar bills stapled from every beam and bare spot on the ceiling and walls for luck.  They claimed to have over half a million dollars hung by their patrons.  Of course we obliged...

If you're visiting the Florida panhandle and love beer and food you must add McGuire's to your itinerary.   They have a second location in Destin as well.

Atmosphere - A


Food - A


Value - A


Beer - A


Overall - A




Review: Beer Hero for iPhone

I'm a little slow in posting to the blog this week because I am in the middle of a fabulous beach vacation with my family in Navarre, FL.   Since I am unfamiliar with the area, I decided to try out an iPhone app called Beer Hero ($1.99 in the app store) which claims to locate good beer wherever you are.  Its a great concept, using the iPhone's  GPS to locate beers brewed near your current location ("near beer") as well as local brew pubs and recommended food pairings with local brews.

It prompts you for distance to include in your search and references a local database (no data connectivity required) of 1600+ beers, with ratings for 1000+ microbrews.  Unfortunately I seem to be vacationing in a beer desert.  I had to expand my search to over 100 miles to get any microbrew results, 300 miles to get anything outside of Abita, LA and to 50miles to find any brewpubs.  This might also explain the blank stare I received in a local liquor store when I asked for local beer recommendations.

The concept is brilliant, and I will probably try to get to the brewpub in Destin or Pensacola before vacation is over!

Overall the concept is brilliant but I'll give this app a B so far since the reviews seem a little thin and the brewery info relies totally on the brewery's website by launching Safari.