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Free Black & Tan Widget from Bass

I'm a fan of Guinness year round, but many find it a bit heavy for the spring and summer months. Stout lovers have been blending beers ("Black and Tan") as a lighter alternative for over a century. They can also be layered by pouring a half a glass of pale ale or lager and then slowly topping off the glass with a Guinness or similar dark stout. This creates a very cool effect in the glass when done properly since stouts are typically less dense than lighter beers which allows it to float on top. The trick is to not splash the surface of the lighter beer enough to cause them to blend.

Pouring spoons are commonly used to help. On my last trip to the grocery store I found that Bass was offering free plastic pouring devices, so I decided to give it a shot.

The plastic device worked about as well as a pouring spoon. The holes trickled the Guinness lightly in the center. This would have turned out perfect if I had started with more Bass in the glass. Keep your eyes peeled next time you stroll by the beer isle.