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Hair of the Dog

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day...Kentucky Derby, which called for a couple Mint Juleps (recipe to follow shortly); followed by a neighborhood wine tasting; which turned into a late night jam session where I broke out a growler full of homebrew.  Needless to say, I spent most of the day trying to rehydrate and shake a hangover.

Seemed like as good a day as any to brew.  Today's recipe is my take on a Belgian Ale...very similar to a Saison but since I am new to the Belgium style I'll refrain from calling it that just yet.  Should be a refreshing beer for the warm days ahead.

Grain bill:
6lbs Pilsner malt
6lbs Tw0-row pale malt
1lb Crystal 20L
1/2lb flaked barley
I also added a little over 1/2lb Light Dry Wheat Extract to juice up the yeast
.5oz Tradition (60min)  .5oz Tradition (30min)  .5oz Tradition (15min)
White labs WLP-550 Belgian Ale Yeast which I created a starter from early in the week using some of the Dry Wheat Malt Extract
Mash Schedule:
20min @ 122°F,  15min @130°F, 60min @153°F, Mash out (15min) @170°F
O.G. is 1.058, expect about 6% a.b.v. assuming it dries out nicely.  Will try to keep fermentation temp under 70°F.

Really looking forward to the finished product!



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Just wanted to drop in and say I really digg your posts. I also wanted to thank you for you guest reviews on our BBQ site. If I am ever up in the St. Louis area, we will have to meet up for some beer and Q. Have a great day and thanks again for taking the time to put together these post...myself and your other readers really appreciate it.


May 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterIan Marshall

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