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Don't try this at home ; ) 

I'm currently fascinated by the distilling process.  To the point of pursuing a license to distill in my state so that I can experiment with sub-micro distilling and aging spirits myself (see Raising my Spirits to follow my vodka aging experiment).

Last year revision 3 produced this video in their DIY series "SYSTM" that I found while researching countertop water distillers as an intro to the distilling process.  This is a very rough introduction to distilling at home (which is strictly illegal in the US without a federal and state license).   Since then, I have purchased a stainless water distiller and have learned of or discovered several modifications that would make these devices much more usable for distilling spirits.

If this intrigues you too, check out the video but please follow along with this series for more details and important safety information before attempting this on your own.  And by all means become familiar with your local laws regulating distillation.
Here's a link if the embedded video does not work for you.



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